Now Trending: Pretty Paper Wedding Decorations

by Rachel W. Miller on

One of my favorite looks for wedding decor right now is pretty paper decorations -- think hanging honeycombs, paper lanterns, pinwheels, tissue pom poms, and paper garlands -- with just a touch of DIY and vintage charm. (To be honest, it's borderline kitschy...which is actually what I love about it!)
Not only is it a lovely look, it's also a great way to do wedding decor on a budget. I'm actually planning to incorporate this look into my wedding decor this February; it's perfect for making our restaurant venue look a bit more celebratory and fun for our post-courthouse brunch reception! Whether you choose soft pastels like mint and blush (my favorite), or brighter colors for a fun and punchy look, paper wedding decorations are a simple and inexpensive way to add a little flair to your wedding day.
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