The So-Easy DIY Winter Decor Idea You Have to Try

by Rachel W. Miller on

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a pin on Pinterest that showed how to make a pretty wintry bucket to decorate your front porch. It seemed inexpensive and easy to pull off -- which is what I typically look for in a DIY project! -- so last week, I decided to make it a reality.
DIY winter decor ||
It came together so nicely I ended up making two festive buckets: a rustic outdoor one for my porch, and a sleek and modern indoor one for my living room.
DIY winter decor ||
Here's everything you need to make your own!
Holiday DIY decor
One large bucket that fits your aesthetic (I found the wooden one in the garden department at Wal-mart and the metal one is a drink tub from Target. (Note: if you go for a wooden bucket, you may want to stick a silver bucket inside of it to help reflect more light and make it really glow!)
1-2 strands of white Christmas lights, preferably battery-operated
A bunch of pine branches (I don't have any trees in my yard, so I went to Lowe's and asked for the scraps they were cutting off of the Christmas trees they were selling. You know what they say: one woman's trash is another woman's home decor treasure!)
Wood scraps and/or pinecones
Bonus: Some wintry metallic items, like glitter pinecones or gold and silver cranberries
1. Put the branches and/or wood in the bucket.
2. Arrange strands of lights within the branches.
3. Tuck in pinecones and your metallic items in (hint: look for spots where they will get illuminated by the lights).
4. Turn on the lights and enjoy the glow!
DIY holiday decor ||
So easy, right?! And it looks so pretty! The one on my porch adds a little holiday cheer when we're coming and going, and I especially love the way the indoor one a glowing fireplace next to my TV! This project would be a great way to decorate a small space for the holidays, and you could recreate the look in smaller buckets for gorgeous winter centerpieces.
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