DIY Gold Bar Cart

by Rachel W. Miller on

We love the hip bar cart trend that's been going strong for the past couple years, and we decided to get in on the action by making our own. Inspired by this tutorial, we used a $38 red tool cart from Harbor Freight to create a glam gold bar cart.

Turn a $38 red tool cart into a chic gold bar cart #DIY

Two cans of gold spray paint (we used Valspar Brilliant Gold)
Two cans of spray primer
Two thin pieces of plywood cut to 29″ x 15.25″ (most hardware stores will do this for you!)
Half-pint of white latex paint (we used Valspar Gloss White)
Drop cloth
Sponge brushes
1. Unpack your cart and lay all the pieces on your drop cloth. Spray each piece with 3-4 thin layers of primer, letting them dry for about 10 minutes between each coat. (We recommend priming one side of each piece, letting them dry overnight, and then flipping them over and priming the other side the following day.)
2. Spray each primed piece with 2-3 layers of gold spray paint, letting each piece dry for an hour between each coat. (Again, we recommend doing one side on one day, and the flip side the next day.)
3. Paint two coats of white your paint onto your pieces of plywood. (Another option? Cover it in pretty contact paper!)
4. Once the pieces of your cart are dry, assemble it according to the instructions that came with it. Note: You have to put the wheels on first, and be sure to put the pieces of wood into the shelves before you screw the legs on; they won’t fit in place after the cart has been assembled.

Turn a $38 red tool cart into a chic gold bar cart #DIY

Isn't it amazing what a little gold spray paint can do?! See the entire DIY over on and check out more pics of our handiwork below!
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