4 Tips for Natural "No Makeup" Wedding Makeup

by Rachel W. Miller on

If you're a no-fuss bride who rarely wears makeup in real life, figuring out a wedding day look can be tough. After all, you want to look lovely on your big day...but still look and feel like you. Here are a few tips for making a natural makeup look on your wedding day.
1. Let your makeup artist know that a natural look is your goal. A good makeup artist can make you look great in photos by reducing shine and making your eyes pop, while still ensuring you don't look or feel like you're wearing a mask. If he or she pressures you into a look that just isn't you, be honest if you don't like it.
2. Show your makeup artist pictures of what you mean by a natural look. A lot of brides say they want to look natural, but everyone's definition is different. Pictures of barefaced brides will give your makeup artist a better idea of what you want.
3. Have your eyebrows professionally groomed. When your eyebrows are in good shape, you instantly look more polished. So meet with a pro several months before your wedding to discuss a plan for getting wedding-ready eyebrows.
4. Think about what makeup you are comfortable wearing. My mother never wears makeup (none! never! no idea how I turned out this way!) but sometimes I can talk her into curling her eyelashes and putting on a coat of mascara. She looks great when she does! So if you are comfortable adding a little bit of lip gloss or blush, let your makeup artist know.
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