5 Reasons to Wear Your Glasses on Your Wedding Day

by Carly Totten on

As someone who has worn glasses for more than a decade, I can definitely relate to brides who are questioning whether or not to wear specs on their wedding day. It's a special day where the spotlight is most definitely on you and your should you wear them, opt for contacts, or leave your glasses at home entirely? Our take: wear them! Here are our top 5 reasons why:

1. You'll likely be much more comfortable.

If you can't see without wearing your glasses, your wedding day is definitely not the time to go without. It's also not a good time to try contacts for the first time as it takes time for you and your eyes to adjust to wearing them. So wear your glasses! If you don't love the pair you own, there are so many fun brands who sell really stylish pairs for under $100 -- and your wedding is the perfect occasion to add a new pair to your collection!

2. They're in style.

More and more people wear glasses on an everyday basis because they need them, and also because they are definitely in style right now. (That's also why there are so many companies selling really stylish pairs at reasonable prices.)

3. They can add to your wedding's style.

If you and your love both wear glasses, incorporate your specs into your theme! Further, if your glasses are retro or whimsical, they will only add to your bridal style and your wedding style as a whole.

4. You can still wear makeup.

Talk to your makeup artist prior to your wedding day about ways to accentuate your eyes if you're planning to wear your glasses. There are tricks that she can use to make your eyes and your glasses pop. If you're planning to DIY your makeup yourself, no problem! There are plenty of YouTube videos to show you how to style your makeup with your glasses.

5. Glasses are often a part of who we are.

If you wear glasses every day, you should wear them on your wedding day too because they express you, your style, and your personality. Your wedding day is about rocking your look, so wear your glasses with confidence!
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