This Manicure is Fast, Doesn't Chip, and Costs $8. You're Welcome.

by Rachel W. Miller on

Though I adore pretty nail polish and fun nail art, getting a manicure actually isn't one of my favorite beauty rituals -- mainly because I have yet to find the perfect manicure. Most manicures either chip too fast or are too expensive, and I just don't have the patience to spend an iPhone-free hour at the salon every week or two. (I can't tell you how many times I've been en route to a wedding or an event wondering if there would be a cheap nail salon near my hotel because I hadn't made time to get a manicure!) But last week, I found a manicure that is super fast, doesn't chip, and costs less than my lunch most days. Loverlies, meet the imPress Press-On Manicure.
The Best $8 DIY Manicure
Yes, you read that right: these are press-on nails, y'all! But unlike the totally 80s stick-on nails you might have in mind, the imPRESS nails come in a great short length and very modern colors. (Though they also come in some come crazy prints and neon colors that I'll definitely be trying soon!)
After handing over just $8 (!!!) to take these babies home from CVS, I got to work putting them on.
The Best $8 DIY Manicure
I loved how fast and easy the nails were to apply; you just pop open the "bottle" of nails, choose the appropriate size nails for each finger, give your nails a swipe with the included cleansing pad, and then peel off the plastic backing and stick the imPRESS nails onto your real nails. After applying the nails, you can't get your hands wet for 30 minutes...but compared to how long it takes a decent manicure to dry, not washing my hands for 30 minutes wasn't a big deal.
With most fake nails, it's hard to forget you're wearing them; they feel so long and unnatural, and you're always worrying that one might break off so you find yourself using your hands rather awkwardly (i.e. attempting to pick things up with your palms). That wasn't the case with the imPress nails at all. I'm not sure if it's the shorter length or the fact that they bonded to my real nails really well, but I felt like I could go about my daily business without having to think about them.
The Best $8 DIY Manicure
This is also the most long-lasting manicure I've had next to a shellac mani; I had the imPRESS nails on for a week before one finally wiggled loose, and after applying some nail glue, it was back in place like nothing had happened. Given how much less time and money these take compared to a shellac manicure, 7+ days seems like a huge win.
While I probably won't wear the imPRESS nails all the time, they are perfect for when you need a fast and cheap manicure that isn't going to chip or smudge within an hour. I'd recommend them for parties and events, for wedding guests and bridesmaids...or when you just got engaged and don't have time to get a manicure before you start showing off your ring!
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