Fabulous Hats for Brides and Guests

by Rachel W. Miller on

My main takeaway from William and Kate's wedding a few years ago is that fabulous hats need to happen at more weddings on this side of the pond. Not only did the guests rock some incredible head gear, but I am quite smitten with the hats Kate wears as she's out and about doing her princess thang. Every time I see one of her chic fascinators, I shout, "HOW IS THIS NOT A THING IN AMERICA YET!?!" (And then got out the hot glue to make myself a leafy fascinator to wear as part of my tree Halloween costume.) But William and Kate's nuptials proved that a wedding is the perfect occasion to wear a hat. Brides can wear a pretty hat or fascinator in lieu of a veil, and guests can pull them off too. You may want to avoid going for something as outrageous as Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie did at the royal wedding, but there are tons of toned-down styles that won't block anyone's view of the bride.
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