About Loverly™

Lover.ly was launched in 2012 by a one-time maid of honor and her team of former bridesmaids and groomsmen determined to simplify the wedding planning process.

Lover.ly is your one-stop-shop for wedding planning where brides and grooms find ideas, people to hire and things to buy.

Lover.ly’s mission is to make wedding planning simple and more fun.

How it Began

The idea for Lover.ly began when Kellee Khalil's sister got engaged to be married.

As maid-of-honor to the founder of the wedding PR agency Be Inspired, Kellee expected her sister's industry connections to make the wedding planning process a cinch. But when Kellee found herself on page 30 of a Google search with 15 tabs of fashion retail sites open, she wondered, “If this is hard for me, how do women outside of the wedding world do it?”

With so much technology in existence in 2010, it seemed surreal that there wasn't an all-in-one resource where couples could discover the best wedding ideas, shop renowned designers, organize details, get expert advice, and hire their wedding day dream team. It was at that moment that Lover.ly was born.

Since launch on Valentine's Day 2012, Lover.ly users have Viewed 40,567,346 images Loved & Bundled 400,567,346 wedding details

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